Therapy Animals of Redding
A Visiting Animal Group - ITA Therapy & R.E.A.D.® Affiliate Teams


Who We Are

ABOUT Therapy Animals of Redding...

We are a Visiting Animal Group located in Redding, California. The specific purpose of our organization is to enhance the quality of life and emotional health of patients, clients, children and faciltiy staff through the human-animal bond.. Therapy Animals of Redding specializes in visiting in the acute care settings, skilled nursing/assisted living and working with childrent in different settings.  Our teams regularly visit Shasta Regional Medical Center.  We are actively recruiting new volunteers for SRMC.

As registered Pet Partners® & Intermountain Therapy Animals R.E.A.D.® voluteers, our animal-handler teams visit as volunteers, accepting no compensation for their service. Our teams engage in animal-assisted activity (AAA) as well as animal-assisted therapy (AAT). Our group trains, educates, organizes and oversees the animal-handler teams as they engage in activities with patients/clients at various healthcare facilities. Though most of our animals are dogs, we would welcome cats, rabbits, miniature horses and other domestic animals.#TherapyDogs #TherapyAnimals 

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