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Therapy Animals of Redding (TAR) is training animal handlers to bring their Therapy Dogs, Therapy Cats and other pets to facilities for Animal Assisted Interactions/Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAI/AAA/AAT) in Northern California. 

We are currently seeking Animal Team volunteers for Shasta Regional Medical Center.  Join Owen pictured to visit this beautiful facility.  It truly touches your heart to bring smiles to SRMC's patients and staff.  We have been visiting SRMC since 2000 and thank them for their donations and support of our program.

Start off with the Therapy Team Handler Course coming up.  See below for the registration form.

Do you want to volunteer with your pet?

Click above for more info and the REGISTRATION FORM

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How to Start?

If you feel that you and your pet may be interested in becoming a volunteer visiting team with Therapy Animals of Redding the first step is for you to contact us for information about qualifying for this very unique kind of volunteering.  Are you friendly and your pet is reliable, controllable, predictable and inspires confidence in others? If yes, you and your pet have potential to be a Therapy Team.

Upcoming Training & Activities with TAR:

  • Free Therapy Dog

    Training Assessment

    Wednesday, 4/12/2017 ~ 6 pm

  • Evaluations Renew Only

    Saturday, 5/6/2017

Next Team Training Course:


 Intermountain Therapy Animals
Therapy Team Training Course 

Saturday, 5/20/2017

9 am – 5 pm


Saturday, 6/24/2017



Intermountain Therapy Animals (

Pet Therapy Visiting Teams & Reading Education Assistance Dogs ® (R.E.A.D.) ITA Affiliate 

Is your pet reliable, controllable and predictable?

Are you friendly and enjoy visiting with people?

Workshop Goal: Educate new volunteers through theTeam Training Course standards, that includes volunteer handler team professionalism and safety when working in the field of animal-assisted activities/interactions (AAA/AAI) and animal-assisted therapy (AAT).

PREREQUISITES: We highly recommend a recent obedience course (within one year) for dogs in preparation for the Pet Partners Evaluation. This is a good way to “know” your dog’s behavior with people and other dogs prior to the Evaluation and to “know” they are socialized and have solid heal, sit, down, stay and come. Dogs must be one year of age and in your home for six months prior to the evaluation. Children should be 10 years or older. Other domestic pets are welcome (i.e.: rabbits, cats, rats, birds).

Go to to review these components:

  1. Read Volunteering with your Animal for More Information.
  2. Complete the Self-Assessment for ITA
  3. Watch the video.
  4. Read our Teaching and Training Philosophy
  5. Call us 530-276-9164 or email [email protected] any questions you have after completing steps 1 through 4 on the ITA website.
  6. Volunteering Without an Animal

See above for Team Training Coure registration form pdf.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice eval prep course ~ By appt only! – refreshes skills that your team needs for successful completion of the evaluation using your dogs already established obedience skills. Dogs should be well socialized and have minimum skills that include a solid heal, sit, down, stay and come. Practice all the evaluation exercises with helpful hints from the trainer including the skills below.

  • Obedience with distractions in a fun and positive environment
  • Dog’s response in potentially stressful situations including petting from stranger, clumsy petting, group petting
  • Safety skills in an unfamiliar environment – P.E.T.S.
  • Loose leash walking with increasing distractions

Practice, Practice, and More Practice” is optional training to assess proficiency in the evaluation skills required. This training is only available to members or those who have registered for our Pet Partners course. BE AWARE... Your Dog IS! ~ If you are registered and have questions about Practice contact Cheryl at 246-4220 or [email protected]

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BE AWARE... Your Dog IS!